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Manny Pacquiao’s Official Twitter Account

Manny Pacquiao's Official Twitter Account

UPDATE: As of the first week of February 2016, Manny Pacquiao finally acquired the @MannyPacquiao handle of Twitter! His old photos and tweets from the @MrMannyPacquiao account have been transferred over to @MannyPacquiao. (Technically, the @MrMannyPacquiao was simply renamed to or given the username @MannyPacquiao.) The @MrMannyPacquiao handle has been scooped up by someone else… Read more »

Ramar Loses Magnolia BMC Issue To San Miguel

August 27, 2015 The “Butter, Margarine and Cheese” (BMC) Issue: Northern California’s Ramar Foods Has Been Trying For Years to Prevent San Miguel of the Philippines From Using the Magnolia Brand in the United States The Ninth Circuit Court reverses the injunction entered in favor of Ramar and affirms the balance of the judgment in… Read more »