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Ramar Foods is the USA company that is using the Magnolia brand of ice cream, independent of the originator San Miguel Corporation of the Philippines.

According to federal judge Richard Clifton, the Quesada family started using the Magnolia brand in the United States to capitalize on the goodwill established by San Miguel among Filipinos.

To this day, many Filipino Americans have no idea that the Magnolia brand of ice cream in the United States is being used WITHOUT any licensing agreement with San Miguel… In fact, Ramar Foods keeps suing San Miguel in U.S. court for using the Magnolia brand for other products as well.

Filipino American food bloggers have received funding from Ramar Foods to create a “non-profit” movement, ostensibly to promote Filipino food… It is nothing but a ploy to deflect criticism from Ramar’s unethical piracy of a prominent Philippine trademark.

San Miguel battles Magnolia trademark holder to sell in US

By: Victor C. Agustin December 26, 2012 The San Miguel Group is battling a Filipino-American food manufacturer in California, which had beaten it in securing an identical Magnolia trademark in the United States, in order to continue selling Philippine-made Magnolia dairy products in US stores. The Central District Court in Los Angeles has become the… Read more »

Ramar Loses Magnolia BMC Issue To San Miguel

August 27, 2015 The “Butter, Margarine and Cheese” (BMC) Issue: Northern California’s Ramar Foods Has Been Trying For Years to Prevent San Miguel of the Philippines From Using the Magnolia Brand in the United States The Ninth Circuit Court reverses the injunction entered in favor of Ramar and affirms the balance of the judgment in… Read more »