Taxes Paid By The Bautista Family

Tisha Cruz-Bautista recently dropped a bombshell in Philippine political circles when she presented to the media several pieces of evidence that have led many to believe that her husband Andy Bautista has been illegally profiting from his position in government. He is currently chairman of the COMELEC, which is in charge of enforcing all laws and regulations pertaining to elections in the country. Before that, he was head of an agency that was tasked with recovering the assets of former president Ferdinand Marcos.

Aside from having on hand more than 30 bank passbooks, Mrs. Cruz-Bautista also disclosed that the chairman has a condo at The District in San Francisco, California. According to local real estate pros, a unit at 2655 Bush Street in the 94115 zip code typically costs approximately 1.3 million U.S. dollars. In at least one media interview, Mrs. Bautista revealed that it was her husband’s sister Susan Bautista-Afan who acted as mediator in the couple’s settlement negotiations.

Andy, Martin, Susan Afan Bautista

The chairman’s brother, Dr. Martin Bautista, who has for several years been based in Oklahoma, has come forward to claim that most of what Tisha has insinuated to be ill-gotten wealth, is actually their family’s commingled investments. This immediately prompts a question in everyone’s minds, How much taxes have the Bautista Family been paying then, not only to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) of the Philippines, but also to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States?